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By registering with you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions may be updated at any time and you are requried to review these terms periodically and you automatically abide by the updated terms as long as you continue to be a subscriber or a viewer of this site.

Copyright: By submitting an image, you are allowing the right to store, manipulate, and display the image in our Database and make it available to the general public. This right is perpetual unless you ask to have your account removed from our server (Please allow up to 60 days to have your account removed). You also agree you are submitting your images for the purpose of “judging” by moderators and you will accept the decision of the moderators WITHOUT PREJUDICE. IF you do not wish your images Judged by a panel of moderators, DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR IMAGES. Viewing and using images: All images are owned by the Copyright holder, and may not be re-used without prior written permission of copyright holder. does NOT give the right to use any images for commercial gain by any third party, as this would be a violation of copyright law. Use the contact form on this site to submit your interest in a particular photo and we will do our best to get you in touch with the photographer.

Image Submission: You must own the copyright for the images you submit. Failure to do this will result in deletion of your account. Images must be submitted that are topical, and follow the Image Submission rules and guidelines. These guidelines are also subject to change.

Image Submission rules and guidelines:

  • All photographs must be of a ship, vessel, or from inside a ship/vessel or any structure or object related to such.
  • You may upload a ship photo from anywhere in the world
  • All photos must be G rated – in other words, viewable by children. Any violation of this rule will result in account deletion
  • Your photo must be of editorial quality — no artistic license is granted. (No editing of photographs, no HDR, no false colour, etc) You may correct color, white balance, colorspace, contrast, exposure, sharpening, as required for display on the Internet.
  • Photographs must be of reasonable quality, composition, or historic in nature
  • We may give technical leeway to very rare, historic images where the chance of repeat is slim to none
  • The following technical errors will result in image rejection: Severe backlighting, overexposure, unlevel, underexposure, poor composition, inappropriate subject matter, duplication of subject matter, poor focus, blurry, poor cropping, vignetting, dust or hair spots on lens/CCD, any major optical flaw
  • Slide scans MUST be corrected: color, dust, rotation, exposure, and be cropped, no portion of the slide holder must appear in the scan.
  • Moderators may reject an image for any reason otherwise
  • Moderators may also submit images and are also subject to a review process
  • We are a volunteer run site, DO NOT take offence if we reject your photograph. We do not want to reject photos, nor do we want to deal with people who wish their wrath upon moderators. Be kind, please.
  • Moderators can make mistakes — we may accept an image that you may disagree with. Final discretion for acceptance or rejection rests with the moderators. There is NO appeals process at this time.

Account rights: An account at is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to remove an account for any reason. We also reserve the right to reject a photo for any reason, submission of photos will not guarantee you placement on the site nor will resubmission of corrections. You do however, have the right to request your account and images be removed from the site , at any time, but must give reasonable time to enact your request. We are a site run by Volunteers, and you should expect a turnaround time in the order of four to eight weeks for all requests.

Privacy: We adhere to the Privacy Laws of Canada and will not sell or rent your information to third parties without your prior permission. You however are agreeing to submit personal information to the site for operation of your account and agree the infromation submitted may be used by in the carrying out of our regular business activities.

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Terms last updated 03/31/2012

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